Vistapack XP 2.3.0 Beta可把XP裝扮成Vista一樣的界面 多國語言英文更新版

【軟體名稱】Vistapack XP
【軟體版本】V2.3.0 Beta
【解壓密碼】無 快樂分享



Vistapack is a Shell pack based on the XPize installer. Its goal is to let users of Windows 2000 and Windows XP experience the Vista look and feel without paying the price in money and speed.

Vistapack has the following other editions available: Vistapack 2000.

Latest Changes:
Much cleaner and easier installer
Pack is split up in a 2000 and XP version
Changed some icons in the compstui.dll file, much better looking now
Remade the toolbar in the ieaksie.dll file
Added the toolbar bmp's to msconfig.exe
Added the toolbar bmp's to comctl32.dll
Added an avi to the compatui.dll
Added 3 icons to the ntshrui.dll
Added some icons to the wucltui.dll
Fixed the green borders on the bmp's in els.dll
Took out the custom runbox.